MOC at Akron’s Geekfest!

Hey you. Yeah, you. What are you doing on July 25th from 12:00-4:00pm? Who me? I was just going to loaf around the house. Maybe have a pizza or something. Change my socks… That sounds boring. You should come to Geekfest at the Akron Public Library instead. Why would I …


Free Living Low Jazz!

Who is there among us who likes free stuff? Consider, then, these free things. The first, is the official Living Low Character Creation Guide and the second is the official Living Low Boss Bible and Style Guide. Enjoy, if you dare. Just click the images to nab the books! For …


Holy Crap Sneak Peek – The Boorglezarians

Boorglezarians             Before we are forced to adjourn             It’s vital the instars all learn             The holiest creed             The one …

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